What is an airpark?

An airpark or high ropes course is an adventure challenge course suspended up to 20m in the air. Your goal is to navigate different elements such as stepping-stones, rolling logs, Tarzan swings and many more, whilst at all times connected by a safety harness. 

What is a zip line?

A zip line is a cable suspended from a high point, about 20m above ground level, and stretches out over an open area of 200m. A participant wearing a safety harness is connected to the zip wire and rides down to the entire length of the wire, enjoying the beautiful scenes below them.

What is a climbing wall?

A climbing wall is a simulation of a natural rock wall, 20m high with climbing holds attached to it.  Your goal is to make it to the top. A safety harness connects participants at all times.

What is a giant swing?

Participants are connected by harness to a large log, located at the bottom of a swing, which is part of the airpark structure. Once connected you are winched to the top of the swing, about 15m up, and then released. Once released you feel a sense of weightlessness and then lots of speed as you fly through the air to the other side of the swing. 

What should I wear?

For all the aerial activities it's advised that you wear closed toe footwear. Clothing that is not too loose and will not affect the fitting of harnesses, helmets or become stuck in any safety devices should also be worn. Long hair should be tied back and out of the way of the equipment, element and devices. Jewelry should be removed to prevent loss or damage. Items should be removed from pockets and put into lockers provided.  We advise using sunscreen at all times.

Is it safe?

Safety is the number one priority at Wadi Adventure. We provide all our guests with a safety harness and helmet. Our instructors are fully trained professionals who love their work and will provide you with an unforgettable experience. 

Do I need to be fit to do these activities?

Our activities are suitable for all wishing to participate. Training is provided for all activities and no previous experience or skill level is required. Guests should assess their own physical capabilities.

Can I wear my own helmet and harness?

We require all guests to wear the equipment that we provide.

How long does it take to do the activities?

Each level of the airpark takes about 20 minutes to complete. On the climbing wall each guest has a 20-minute limit. The giant swing takes 5 minutes. 

What should I wear?

You need to wear appropriate footwear that will not come off. Flip-flops or bare feet are not permitted. 

Book activities in advance to avoid disappointment by calling +971 (0)3 781 8422 or emailing reception@wadiadventure.ae