What is whitewater kayaking?

Whitewater kayaking is a dynamic and exciting sport that has many disciplines, some of which are on offer at Wadi Adventure. These can include expedition exploratory boating in remote areas, freestyle kayaking where paddlers surf waves and features in order to perform tricks and spins and the only Olympic discipline Slalom Kayaking where paddlers navigate a set course of hang gates against the clock.

Do I need any experience?

If you just want to go and paddle the channels then you do need some experience. However we offer a full range of instruction products for complete beginners all the way up to expert kayakers and everything in between. Our experienced instructors are well qualified to teach you everything you need to know and to introduce you to world of whitewater kayaking in the best possible way.

If I have my own kayak, can I bring it?

You may bring your own equipment to use on the lakes and channels. However, a safety check will be done before approval of the equipment to ensure that it is suitable for our park.

I've done some sea kayaking and would like to try whitewater, what should I do?

If you have some kayaking basics from another discipline you would gain most out of taking a private lesson with one of our highly qualified instructors. Please call so that we may set you up with the best possible instructor for your needs.

What kayaks do you have for rent?

We have a full range of Pyranha whitewater kayaks.

I'm an experienced kayaker in the country for business. Can I rent all the gear?

Yes, we have all equipment necessary available to rent. We also have a passport program for people with previous experience to determine if they are qualified enough to paddle on the channels independently or if they would be better suited to instruction.